Air Profile GmbH

Our Mission

Minimizing the risk for complex sites while maximizing the value of every wind project

About us

Air Profile is a CleanTech 

company founded seven years ago,

and which is located in the heart of Germany,
also known as “Measurement Valley”.

Over these past seven years, we have carried out huge amounts of R&D in the field of supportive technology for wind energy. Our goal is to accelerate the energy transition. Drawing on a diverse team of different disciplines, we have developed and patented a breakthrough approach in lidar technology.

We have also been carrying out contract research projects for other stakeholders in the wind industry.
In addition to developing a GIS-based location finder for potential wind farms, we have also developed a blockchain platform for renewable energy investments. We accelerate change in both hardware product development and digital transformation.

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We want change. 

With the development of the first Lateral Lidar system, we finally have the technology to do it. 

By owning a growing grid of permanently installed lateral lidar devices throughout many countries, we are able to fundamentally change and accelerate the expansion of renewable energies, predict disasters based on climate change, and enable urban aviation. Air Profile delivers precise weather data for any location and any application wherever and whenever it is needed.

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